Solar panels are becoming more popular as average energy bills rise from £1,971 to £3,549 in October and could hit £4,650 in January. An analysis of Google search data revealed that searches for “home solar panels” exploded 316 percent above average in March 2022, which is the highest level in the past five years.

This interest in solar panels is growing again this August, especially after the latest announcement by the ONS that inflation in the UK has hit a 40-year high of 10.1 percent.

But while thousands of consumers are using the internet to find ways to smooth out the predicted bill shock, experts are warning to be cautious of the dangers and troubles that may come.

One of the dangers that can be seen is when unqualified people try to order the equipment and install it in their homes themselves, hoping that they can avoid the installation costs, which can be a more burden.

James Haynes from A-Plan Insurance spoke about the current potential of renewable energy solutions for individual properties and the appropriate approach if someone wants to try an alternative.

The company’s branch manager emphasized that solar power is a developing space with great potential, despite the fact that it currently only makes up a small part of the country’s energy production.

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The insurance expert said that the incoming Prime Minister and the new Government that will be formed soon will have to work in more “creative” ways to solve the energy crisis, also by encouraging the -installation of solar panels, as well as heat pumps.

Mr Haynes said: “As providers continue to enjoy record profits, the Government needs to work with them to give more back to consumers and find creative ways to engage consumers and in the industry to find solutions.

“While there is more focus on grants for electric cars, which are now closed, better energy options at home are less of a priority, and a lost opportunity.

“New home heating and energy solutions, such as air source heat pumps and solar should be an option on the table for households that, however, remain price prohibitive – especially now if necessary we have them.”

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