August 27, 2022 – How much does solar panel installation cost in Croatia, and how much can you really save by going to the trouble of getting it installed?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, given how much sun Croatia receives every year, residents who decide to go for the installation of solar power in Croatia can save thousands and thousands of kunas in a year when they decided to jump and get their power directly from the sun. . Since the government removed its VAT, everyone seems to be crazy about solar panel installation in Croatian, as reported by RTL.

“Just by the number of emails arriving, we can see that the interest in the Croatian solar power installation has increased and that there are many more things to come,” said Jasmina Novak, Solvis project manager.

Because of this, the machines that work to make these panels are rarely shut down. The only producer of photovoltaic modules in the whole Republic of Croatia sold its solar panel to Google, and now they have to pass small jobs to others because they can no longer manage it themselves, that’s the level of interest.

“We are raising the sector by passing these small questions to our partners, who process the question on a turnkey basis, from project to realization, and that is working very well at the moment,” Novak explained.

They hope that the Croatian Government’s move to abolish VAT, which will make solar panels cheaper overall, will also work well. What currently costs 35,000 kuna will cost 26,250 kuna to purchase and install. People’s pockets are tighter than ever, and with inflation continuing to take hold and prices continuing to fluctuate, there is likely to be more interest for solar panels over time.

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