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“We aligned with Inxeption because the company is a market and fulfillment leader in the solar space – a perfect partner to launch this new brand in the United States.”

Inxeption, the leader in Industrial Commerce and supply chain digitization, has partnered with Runergy as a key market and fulfillment partner to facilitate the expansion of the company’s local Hyperion solar modules.

Runergy is a household name in the solar business, supplying cells for JA Solar, GCL, TaleSun, Canadian Solar and other top-10 global solar module suppliers. For its Hyperion line, the company manufactures double-glass, half-cell PERC crystalline PV Hyperion modules from two overseas production facilities that combine for an annual capacity of 7GW. The modules, which include several Runergy P-Type M-10 bifacial cells, are rated between 390 watts and 550 watts, giving residential and commercial installers the power class diversity needed for any job.

“Runergy is a leading solar cell manufacturer trusted by major companies worldwide; we produce Hyperion modules so we can bring our solar expertise to the entire process, controlling the entire solar supply chain from sourcing to the module manufacturing,” said Cheng Zhu, vice president of Runergy’s global business. “We aligned with Inxeption because the company is a market and fulfillment leader in the solar space – a perfect partner to launch this new brand in the United States.”

Importing solar panels requires specific skills and extensive knowledge of the changing regulatory space, and that is why Inxeption Energy has become a fulfillment company.

“Using imported solar panels is the only way installers can continue to grow the solar market and help the country meet its clean energy goals,” said Erin Clark. , president of Inxeption Energy. “But if installers are looking to diversify their product mix with panels made outside the US, they need to be very careful in choosing the right supplier. Inxeption Energy is a proven market and fulfillment partner with a long track record of providing high quality solar components to residential and commercial installers.

Hyperion modules purchased through the Inxeption Marketplace carry a 25-year linear performance warranty. Installers can also take advantage of Inxeption’s solar procurement financing, a fintech integration that enables solar buyers to grow their businesses through extended payment terms that are twice the industry standard.

To check panel availability and start the ordering process, visit the Inxeption Energy website.

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Inxeption is the Industrial Commerce SuperApp. The secure and scalable cloud-based digital commerce platform brings Capital, Data, Products and Services on-demand for industrial and supply chain businesses. Companies of any size, in any industry can drive more sales, gain operational visibility and realize cost savings. Inxeption Commerce Partners enjoy access to sell products on the Inxeption B2B market and to develop new online commerce channels by using valuable applications that simplify and streamline logistics and other operations. Inxeption’s challenge in the Industry sector is “Let’s Do Business Better.”

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