Hours after a 5 On Your Side report about disgruntled customers at a solar panel company, the company’s president emailed all employees to let them know it was closing.

Web Editor: by Mark BergReporter: Keely ArthurPhotographer: Richard AdkinsProducer: Pritchard StrongPosted has been updated

five on your side learned Pink energy is from business. Just yesterday, our team reported that the home solar energy company is facing some fallout from thousands of systems not working. Wrl Keely Arthur is here today with the big developments that happened overnight, very well, shortly after our story aired, we started getting emails and calls from peak energy customers and employees who -claim that the company closed yesterday. We told you about the disappointed customers who said their pink solar panels that cost tens of thousands of dollars didn’t work. Now. Pink blamed the problem on a specific part made by a separate company, Generac. Now. Five on your side got this letter, It tells the employees that the company is closing immediately due to a severe decrease in sales and other financial difficulties. Over a week ago we interviewed Pink Ceo Jason Waller about customer concerns and asked if his company could survive, but if I was out of business, who would they call to fix it? They called Generac right? That is very possible. So it’s unclear whether Waller knew his company was shutting down our interview. But two days before the interview, Pink sent this letter to North Carolina’s Department of Commerce saying they would close a facility outside of Charlotte that employs 500 people. Those employees did not receive the required 60-day notice that they were fired with Pink saying they were citing unforeseen circumstances. The North Carolina Attorney General’s office told Five on Your Side, they are aware of the letter and have reached out to Pink with questions. Now we’ve reached out to Pink with questions as well, and we’re also trying to figure out where it left customers so disappointed. Where does this leave many people? That interview was also very nice. Interesting to see that Alright keely, thanks a lot.

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