“Farmers are urging whoever succeeds Liz Truss as UK prime minister to abandon plans to ban solar energy from much of England’s farmland,” reports the Guardian, “arguing it would harm the food security by cutting off a vital income.”

Truss, who resigned on Thursday, and his environment secretary, Ranil Jayawardena, hope to ban solar from about 41% of England’s land, or about 58% of agricultural land, the Guardian revealed last week. week. They plan to do this by reclassifying less productive farmland as “best and most valuable”, making it harder to use for energy infrastructure.

Members of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), which represents 33,000 landowners, told the Guardian that having solar on their less productive land allows them to subsidize food production in very successful years, as well as providing cheap power for their lands and houses in their local area.

A farmer made the case briefly in the Guardian. “We make more from our solar panels than from farming.”

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