Available for Demo are REGO, a True Plug-and-Play Smart Solar System, and Renogy ONE, an All-In-One Energy Monitoring and Smart Living Center.

Please visit Renogy at the RVDA Expo at Las Vegas from Nov. 7-11at Booth #232

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Renogya leader in renewable solar energy products, will showcase the REGO Series and Renogy ONE, their latest solar power solutions for mobile and off-grid living, at RV Dealers Association (RVDA) Convention & Expo at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

“Solar should not be scary, and anyone should be able to make the switch, regardless of their experience,” said Yi Li, CEO of Renogy. “More and more people are realizing the benefits of creating and controlling their own power supply and REGO makes that simple. Whether you’re traveling in a van or RV, REGO covers a variety of power needs outside without wasting hours during installation.

“We’re excited that more people can finally experience energy independence and transition off-grid with our easy-to-use line of products.”

Specially designed for mobile RV applications, the REG The series is a true plug-and-play power system, where all components are made to work together seamlessly, saving users time and stress. REGO Series products make it easier than anyone to add a solar power system to their van, RV or other mobile application, eliminating the hassle of researching multiple components and the complications of a wrong setup.

The complete REGO Series consists of the following individual components:

– REGO 12V 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
– REGO 12V 60A DC-DC Battery Charger
– REGO 400Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
– REGO 12V 3000W Inverter Charger Low Frequency
– REGO 12V 3000W Inverter Charger High Frequency
– REGO 3 Ports 400A Battery Combiner Box
– REGO 4 Ports 400A System Combiner Box
– 10FT 6AWG Anderson Adapter Cable (Anderson Powerpole 75 – Ring Lug)
– 5FT 6AWG Anderson Adapter Cable (Anderson Powerpole 75 – Ring Lug)
– 5FT 3/0AWG Anderson Adapter Cable (Anderson SB350 – Ring Lug)
– 5FT 4/0AWG Anderson Adapter Cable (Anderson SB350 – Ring Lug)
– NH2 Fuse
– NH00 Fuse

Also available for demo is Renogy USA, the first comprehensive touchscreen gateway on the market that can monitor and manage energy systems, while also enabling users to configure smart life scenarios through IoT. The entire REGO system can be controlled, optimized and even automated from the Renogy ONE central console, with Bluetooth capability giving users the ability to control their system from anywhere using the DC Home App.

Renogy One works with all Renogy products including solar charge controllers, DCDC Chargers, inverters, battery storage, and Renogy’s new flagship REGO series. This means users can monitor and control their system from an easy-to-use panel. In addition, they are also able to collect data and perform diagnostics on their systems with just a few taps.

For an up-close look at REGO and Renogy One, visitors are invited to visit Renogy at Booth #232 from November 7-11. Learn more at Renogy website.

About Renogy

Renogy is a leader in solar and sustainable energy with a mission to rapidly accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions for everyone around the world. Renogy’s all-in-one solutions are easy to select, install and operate, and the company’s solar panels, accessories, portable products, and batteries provide plenty of power for the best value on the market. today. All so that more people can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy at home, off-grid or on the move. Renogy’s goal is to help 50 million people achieve energy independence by 2030, freeing them from the burden of harmful emissions, rising energy bills and disruptive power outages.

Learn more about Renogy at https://www.renogy.com/.

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