October 5 (Renewables Now) – California solar electric vehicle (EV) start-up Aptera Motors Corp has selected Singapore-based solar cell and panel maker Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ:MAXN) to be the cell supplier for its solar production program. .

In collaboration with Maxeon, which is a spinoff of SunPower Corp, Aptera has developed “ultra-lightweight and curved solar panels,” according to an announcement on Tuesday. Featuring nearly 700 W of integrated solar cells, its car can drive up to 40 miles (64 km) a day powered by sunlight, in addition to a 1,000-mile battery range, the company says.

Aptera said it chose Maxeon’s solar cells because of their efficiency, durability and lightness. Thanks to their power, “most drivers will probably never need to charge their Aptera,” the company says.

Maxeon’s acting chief executive Mark Babcock explained that these are the same cells used in the company’s solar panels for homes and businesses.

There are more than 35,000 reservation holders for the Aptera car, the California outfit said.

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