Solar panels installed in the Houston District continue to provide a benefit 11 years after service.

And now the panels at Steelhead Park need to be serviced, a monitor screen has been repaired that provides information on the function of the solar panels and repairs made at the project information kiosk.

“This work should be completed this summer,” Houston District chief administrative officer Michael Dewar said of the renovation.

Wide swerving trucks are believed to be responsible for the destruction of the kiosk.

The power generated by the panels helps provide lighting in the park and power the electric vehicle charging port in the park.

But the panels have a direct financial benefit because power not used by the District is fed into the BC Hydro grid, Dewar said.

“We get credit for excess energy production,” he added.

That credit is then deducted from what the District owes BC Hydro for its own electricity use.

The installation of solar panels began in 2011 when the District received money from the provincial government for a solar power demonstration building project proposed by a group called the Energy Center of the North Society.

That society and the project never came to fruition so the District instead used the money it received to install solar panels at Steelhead Park to provide electricity to the District’s facilities there.

All told the cost was then tagged at $100,000 for panels, monitors, information panels and kiosks.

“The solar demonstration kiosk and solar array panels will be a tourist attraction to complement the District’s commitment to green energy,” read part of a July 2011 memo to council on the day.

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